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Aqua 365 Cloud software packages for small and medium businesses throughout Scotland.

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Aqua 365 is a unique suite of cloud software apps designed to work with your specific business needs.

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Microsoft Office Packages and Apps


Excel is used to create and edit spreadsheets to allow you to collate and share financial information to help with your day to day business or household processes.

  • Making Calculations
  • Creating Charts
  • Recording Data
  • Household Accounts
  • Business Spreadsheets
  • Other Expenditure


Flow is an application used to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Can automate tasks such as adding database information to sending notifications
  • Create your own shortcuts to improve productivity
  • Copy your data to a cloud folder to automate your daily backup
  • Synchronise multiple calendars
  • Track the number of hours spent on a project
  • Automatic out of office


Office is a Package of productivity software which contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

  • Easy and user friendly
  • Allows use of an electronic pen to make notes on all documents and control slides on PowerPoint
  • All office apps have a built-in translator
  • Each program serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package
  • Add watermarks to deter theft/plagiarism
  • Available on a wide range of devices

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription package which includes Microsoft Office applications such as OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, Word, etc.

  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Very user friendly
  • 365 allows the above applications to sync data between multiple devices
  • The 365 website puts all your applications in one location
  • All 365 applications have a built-in language translator
  • Collaborate with your team online


OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that allows you to save and share data.

  • Users can work anywhere from any device
  • Data can be saved offline on all devices
  • Data is encrypted for security
  • Can be used on multiple platforms (ie. Windows, iOS)
  • Mobile device compatible
  • View and edit your documents online


OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically saves and synchronises your notes as you work.

  • No need for pen and paper
  • Use the search function to locate your historical notes instantly
  • Type anywhere, capture anything
  • Think, plan, and share with others
  • Take OneNote with you on any device
  • Sketch or hand type notes


Outlook is an application that provides access to your emails, tasks, calendar, contacts and reminders.

  • An email system that is user friendly
  • Provides offline access to your emails, calendars, tasks, contacts and reminders
  • Provides multiple ways to search for emails, calendar entries, tasks, contacts and reminders
  • Allows the use of scheduling resources such as meeting rooms
  • Provides access to shared calendars
  • The contact list feature allows users to easily find contact information for previously saved contacts


Planner is a tool used to organise projects within and organisation.

  • Tasks can be assigned to team members
  • Email notifications mean you will always know when you’ve been added to a chat or assigned to a task
  • Work on any device at the same time
  • Receive notifications for tasks that are due soon
  • Schedule view allows you to see when each task is due
  • Checklists inside of tasks make organisation easier


PowerPoint allows you to create professional presentations.

  • User friendly with easy to use features
  • Easily create and edit presentations
  • Slide times can be automated
  • Automatic grammar and spell check
  • Animation capabilities (vector graphics)
  • Import video and sound media


This is a web based intranet that can help improve your organisations management of accessing documentation.

  • Users can work with other people on the same document at the same time
  • Integrates with many other Office 365 Applications
  • Documentation can be accessed from all devices
  • Day to day activities more efficient
  • Company teams stay connected through the life cycle of an entire project ie. more focus
  • Documents are available offline


Stream is a secure video service used to stream videos inside your organisation.

  • A service where people in your organisation share videos securely
  • Share comments between your teams and groups
  • Integrates with many other Office 365 Applications
  • Builds an internal training library for your company
  • Can aid with company compliance policies and procedures for example Health and Safety
  • Available on a wide range of devices


Microsoft Teams makes communicating within your busisness more effective and efficient.

  • File sharing between teams, groups and individuals
  • Internal messaging, calling and video meetings
  • Create and manage multiple projects
  • Increases individuals focus within multiple projects
  • Multi-platform, multi-device access
  • Instant Mobile notifications for your projects


Word is used to create and edit documents, reports and much more.

  • Collaborate, edit and share documents
  • Add tables and charts to reports
  • Automatic grammar and spell check
  • Use existing professional templates
  • More than one person can edit the same document at the same time
  • Word is a mobile application
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